Films of the 60s

Our author Michael has been thinking about the cinematic art of the 60s. Of course, he also watched a few films. And a clear recommendation!

Ripe for Alterix, too?

Aging? Inevitable! The question is, how do we deal with it? Sullenly and despondently, because wrinkles come and the forces dwindle? Or rather joyful, constructive and grateful for the many opportunities that life offers? We have decided on the latter. It's more fun and makes more sense ...


Athrosis and exercise

Exercise in athrosis, when and to what extent does it make sense? We approach the question in small, careful steps. Always with the goal in mind: more quality of life!

Potassium-containing drinks

Potassium, in combination with (for example) magnesium, sodium and calcium, ensures the smooth functioning of nerve and muscle cells and maintains blood pressure.

Aids for getting into the car

Small conversion with big effect.  Swivel cushion, step, folding board, passenger lift, seat rail extension for the car. What should it be?

Your Topic - your Chance

You're getting older too - that can't be avoided and is something we have in common. If you have a topic you're passionate about and would like to report on, then tell us about it. Sports, furniture, nutrition, hobbies or travel ... it doesn't matter. We'll create your own Alterix channel and you can share your passion with the community. Do you feel like writing? Then just get in touch!